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Saturday, July 20, 2024  

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Wesleyan Bible Bowl

Advisors:  Pastor Jim Terwilliger, Dave and Lesley Seibert

05-06 National Champs

Wesleyan Bible Bowl (WBB) is the Bible quizzing program of I-180, studying a particular book or books of the Bible as a group throughout the year.  This coming year we will be studying the book of Matthew.  Goals for Bible quizzing can be effectively divided into three areas: spiritual, relational, and competitive.

Our primary purpose in Bible Quizzing is to grow closer to God through the study of His Word – as we put His Word into our minds and hearts, we will be enabled to know Him better and draw closer to Him, and our lives will be changed.

Secondly, we hope to grow closer to one another through our weekly meetings, caring and praying for one another.  We also hope teens are able to develop relationships with other teens from across our district.

Finally, we also want to be competitive in the quizzing aspect of WBB.  After all, Bible quizzing is meant to be more than just a Bible study/fellowship time, but carries a certain competitive aspect by nature.

Pastor Jim Terwilliger oversees both teams, and coaches the Senior High team, while Dave and Lesley Seibert coach the Junior High team. 

For more info contact: Pastor Jim


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