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Thursday, June 13, 2024  

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R/C Racing Club

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The Fast & The Furious!

*** We are currently looking into enhancing our R/C racing opportunities at Innerstate 180.  Look for some larger events and more regular races in the near future as we work out the details with local R/C enthusiasts.

Several of our youth and leaders have been getting into the R/C car racing scene, as well as other R/C stuff.  It is not uncommon lately to see several of these little "rockets" driving or flying around at the church!  We are having a lot of fun upgrading, modding, detailing, and then racing our R/C cars & trucks.

Currently we are offering circuit racing, drag racing, obstacle courses, and off-road racing!  If you have an Xmod, Mini-Z, ZipZap, or other Micro R/C Car or Truck stay tuned to this page for updates on all of our events and workshops.

Come on out and give it a try!  We have Xmods for beginners to use in our events.

You have to see an XMOD go 49 MPH to believe it!!!

Contact Pastor Scott for more information.

Showcase | Tutorials | Racing | Links | Forum


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